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  • To Make Better Men, this is the purpose of Alpha Gamma Rho. It is our business to take young men and turn them into individuals of character and integrity. Alpha Gamma Rho is a unique fraternity at Oregon State; the only fraternity that is a social organization, as well as a professional society. All of our members are pursuing careers in the Agricultural Sciences, Forestry, and related fields. Due to the specialized nature of our chapter, not only do we focus on benefiting our member's social development as all fraternities do, but we also strive to enhance our member's professional development. We believe that through inclusion in our order, members attain the best chance for success after college. Our fraternity harbors leadership, where there is much, develops leadership where there is little, and creates leadership where there is none. Alpha Gamma Rho is not the largest fraternity on the Oregon State campus, however, being smaller is not a detriment to our purpose. Our fraternity gives us the opportunity to know our brothers better than any other fraternity. When it comes to developing meaningful fraternal bonds, bigger is not better. An additional reason the bond among our members is so strong is because our members often share a similar background and we all share a common purpose. 

    Every one of our members cares deeply about our fraternity and carries that passion into all of their activities both during and after their tenure at OSU.

      • 331 NW 26th St, Corvallis, OR 97330 | 541-806-4182

      • E.L. "Dad" Potter Scholarship Opportunity 

        We offer two $750 scholarships to any incoming freshman planning to enroll full time in the College of Agricultural Sciences or the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. Check out our Scholarship Section to apply.